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Food Styling in Saudi Arabia

Food photography was one of the most intimidating type of photography I've ever tried. So, I made it a personal challenge to overcome that intimidation, and the quest began. I thought hard in finding the reason, but the only cause I could reach was: Food Styling.

My photography business is almost stopped, and with that a great portion of the business budget. I needed to learn more about food styling & started searching for courses, but the only ones I could find had culinary prerequisites, which I don't have. Next, I searched for food stylists around Riyadh and was only able to find good ones working at hotels. Not to mention, they were too expensive to hire without a gig to cover their cost.

My only available option was books, and I selected a few from amazon.

My wife was of great help, and we started having fun in the process.. She cooks & I photograph.. We liked it so much that we started an Arabic cooking blog, and we're slowly gaining the experience

The food blog and the food experimenting set on flickr :)