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Universal Clipboard

One of the most appealing macOS Sierra features to me, is the Universal Clipboard. It allows you to copy from one device and paste onto another, as long as all devices are on the same iCloud account.

This is brilliant, I can copy from my iPhone and paste on my Mac, or between two iPhones, or from the Mac to the iPhone. 

At least this is what I read online about it, but it needs more to actually work. It needs Handoff to be enabled, and you can switch it ON through your system settings on both the iPhone and the Mac:

You'll also need to be on the same WiFi network, have Bluetooth enabled, and let the devices be within Bluetooth range (roughly 10 meters).

Then, it should work? May be. It does not work all the time. But if it did, it will work once and the universal clipboard will be cleared. 

OS versions used: macOS Sierra 10.12, and iOS 10.0.1. Devices used: MacBook (early 2016), iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s Plus.

Djamila Grossman, Photographer

At first, I hesitated what title I should write for Djamila Grossman. Is she a photographer, an artist, a photojournalist, a storyteller? She somehow combines all of those into some sort of visual entertainer that I have rarely encountered in my life.

As I browsed through her portfolio, she was able to transfer me in the situation. I felt I was walking with her, wearing goggles enabling me to see through her eyes and sometimes the eyes of her subjects. Try it, this is her Anne's collection. and Paul's collection.

I wanted to share some of her work in the blog post, but I didn't want to disrupt her presentation (and I didn't ask permission).

Note: if you're offended by skin, you may not enjoy seeing her portfolio.

Riyadh Metro

The Riyadh Metro project is considered the largest public transportation project in Saudi Arabia. It is a huge endeavor to build the infrastructure in active and highly populated cities, without disrupting the day to day activities of its residents. Such a project happens once in a lifetime, and I'm very proud to have witnessed its beginning.

This giant factory lays concrete slabs over the pillars, by crawling over them.

This giant factory lays concrete slabs over the pillars, by crawling over them.

In November 2015, I was attracted by the cement blocks that organize detours and signs. I walk whenever my knee allows me to, and document what looks attractive to me. I know it appears to be a very strange personal project, but I think the content will be valuable to children in twenty years.

My Riyadh Metro flickr album can be accessed here.

المقال المصور

في الشهر الماضي أكملت سن الخمسين الميلادية، وقررت البدأ بكتابة المقال المصور والمعروف بـ (photo essay). المقالات المصورة ليست شيء جديد لدى المصورين، لكن هو نمط جديد بالنسبة لي وسأحاول أن أخطي أول خطوة به إن شاء الله. 

التساؤلات عديدة: 

- هل سأكتب بالعربي أم الإنجليزي، أم بالعربي وأترجمه؟

- هل سأحتاج تراخيص من وزارة الإعلام والأمن العام لأتجوّل بالكاميرا؟

- هل سأتمكن من اختيار مواضيع بمحتوى مفيد، وتقديمه بشكل شامل؟

مقالات كهذه ستكون متعبة بالبداية لكوني أجهل متطلباتها، لكن مع الممارسة سأفهمها أكثر واستطيع اختيار مواضيع مناسبة أكثر، إن شاء الله.