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Home Aquaponics Project

Aquaponics is a sustainable food production method, that combines aquaculture (growing fish for food) with hydroponic (growing plants in water). Plants grow faster, healthier, and with a delicious richness in taste. On the other hand, you're also maintaining a nice supply of edible fish, such as Tilapia.

I've been reading about it for almost a week now, and I think I'm ready to start my home aquaponics project.

Aquaponics Setup.001.jpg

The diagram shows a simple indoors setup that we can build from available material. Once this proof-of-concept pilot succeeds, I can take it outdoors and scale its growth to accommodate more plants and fish.  A couple of points to pay attention to:

  1. It takes a few weeks for the system to kick-in.. Bacteria will need time to grow and populate the plants' grow bed.
  2. Oxygen is important for the fish, plants, and bacteria. So, make sure it's available.
  3. Since this is an indoors setup, grow lights are important for your plants.
  4. If you're using edible fish, such as Tilapia, make sure you read about their reproduction requirements and caring best practices.