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Grow Lights, ON

My son & I had fun installing the lights, after making the wooden box at a local carpenter. Ten light fixtures were prepared for installation and wiring.


We measured the distances to align five lights at each side of the box, and began screwing them in.


After fitting all ten lights, my wife came to install the sheet of aluminum foil. It will serve as a reflector, behind the lights.. Once that was done, we plugged it in for a test.


One of the ten fluorescent bulbs was defected, so we have 9 x 20watts bulbs. The bulb box says 20w fluorescent = 100w incandescent, so theoretically we have 900w (which I doubt pretty much).

Next, we placed the lights above the grow bed


The lights are evenly distributed over the grow bed. We also transplanted a couple of mint plants, to test the functionality of this aquaponics system. The next few days should show us any flows.