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Pebbles, pebbles, oh little pebbles

I ran into problems with the bell siphon. Little pebbles of hydroton were wedged in the siphon's openings, blocking the water drain. I had to stop the cycle to fix it, and here I learned a couple of things:

  1. Make the openings good enough for water flow, but not large enough for pebbles.
  2. Don't let the pebbles be in direct contact of the bell siphon.

Most of the water was drained, and here comes the trouble of taking the pebbles away to give you room to inspect what went wrong.


I had a circular piece of plastic that used to be a cover for an exhaust fan, which I used to guard the drain pipe. I then made a larger PVC tube to protect the bell siphon from any future interference. I also made slashes on the new tube, to allow water in.

Everything is nice and tidy now, siphon operations are back to normal :)