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Thoughtz on 2013 and 2014

The year 2013 had its ups and downs, let me try to see what went on:

  • Success: aquaponics project.
  • Success: returned to sketching.
  • Resolution not yet achieved: seductive art of food styling.
  • Resolution not yet achieved: loosing 60kg.
  • Injury: sprained ankle. Cancelled Photography Projects
  • Injury: tumbled down the stairs (with a full photography backpack, tripod in my right hand, reflectors in my left). Cancelled Photography Projects
  • New tool: PocketWizard III Plus.
  • New tool: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.

Still, one has 2014 to look up to and plan accordingly:

  • Continue with unachieved 2013 resolutions.
  • Continue with the 5for5 project.
  • New 2014 ambition: restart my photography business.
  • New 2014 ambition: finish renovating the house.
  • New 2014 ambition: start a new day job.
  • New 2014 ambition: gradually return to using the bicycle.
  • New 2014 ambition: gradually return to programming using iOS and Xcode.

Did you notice how I changed the word "resolution" to "ambition"?  Come on, I'm being realistic :)

The important thing here, is to analyze these goals and set milestones that will take you there. You can measure the progress of each milestone or change it, you're the only judge. If the goal wasn't achieved, find out which milestone had the flaw and fix it.


Wishing everybody a happy ending to their 2013, and a bright new beginning to their 2014.