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General snapz and general thoughtz :)​


Is it really fear that repels me from carrying a camera to capture moments when having a walk? Or is it simply the avoidance of harassment by police or nosy pedestrians?


A sad fact, I only suffer from such annoyance when I'm in my country.. But why? It's from repeated incidents of negativity over the years. Some people can't mind their own business, and insist on destruction. 

But not when traveling, no.. It's a different story.. People are just people, living their lives and allowing others to live their own lives too


It's not strange to see local talents shine when they cross the borders. Brilliant minds flourish, like seeds finally finding the proper soil to grow. Grow without boundaries or restrictions


It's been many years since I've tried that here.. It could be just a hoax, that persona of the mighty negative monster sucking the life out of us.. But is it really just a hoax? 



Photos are from the 2012 archives - Istanbul