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ōlloclip add-on 3-in-1 lens for your iPhone

I always thought of the iPhone's camera as a replacement to my point & shoot camera. However, it still lacked that extra step to get the needed composition. So, I started searching for add-on lenses and there were so many.

Among the things I found, is a review from Tekzilla that was just perfect

I just ran to Amazon and ordered an ōlloclip..

It comes in a nice bag that I carry in my pocket, and the wide-angle lens unscrews to show the macro lens.

It mounts easily on an iPhone 4 or 4s

Here are the three modes of the lens

I mainly use the Fish-Eye and Macro, and I didn't see a situation where I want to use the Wide Angle. Here are some samples of the Fish-Eye

And some Macro shots.. The one on the left is the MacBook's MagSafe power plug, and on the right is my desk's key hole:

Hope you like it.. Please feel free to write a comment, if you have any question.