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So... Who else is doing it?

It's been a while since I've jumped on a first release of anything.. But this time, I felt Mac OS X had reached a certain maturity with 10.7 that won't disappoint me.. Can't wait to get rid of scrollbars, use versions, and get Finder as close a user experience as possible to iOS devices.

The installer still has a few minutes to go, and will see you on the other side after reboot :)


Update - After Rebooting

The reboot is done and I started launching applications.. Mail took a few minutes to update it's new database, but all was ok later (I like how threads/conversations are viewed).

The 2nd application was Photoshop CS5 and I almost had a heart attack when it didn't launch. Mac OS X Lion removed the Java runtime and that crippled many apps, including Photoshop CS5. It tried to download a Java runtime, but gets this error

A few hours later, Apple posts a page allowing users to download the Java runtime.

Everything is working fine now, and I have my smile back :)