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How I use HDR

We all see the colorful HDR photos on the net, increasing the vividness beyond the natural look of things; But that's not how I'm using HDR. Here's what I do:

First, I set my digital SLR camera to bracket 7 different photos. This means shooting: 

  1. +3-stop metered photo
  2. +2-stop metered photo
  3. +1-stop metered photo
  4. A correctly metered photo.
  5. -1-stop metered photo
  6. -2-stop metered photo
  7. -3-stop metered photo

Then, I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC to merge the 7 frames into one. Capturing usable details from every exposure. I know the chandelier isn't exactly a great example, but it will nicely show the highlights and shadows merged into one usable image.. Great for internal architectural photographs.

What's new with Lightroom CC, is it creates a RAW file for the merged result, which makes it great for further enhancements.