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10th Day Update

Officially, I started the system on 13-Mar-2013, with the first plants and installation of the grow lights. From what I read, a typical aquaponics system will need 5-6 weeks for the bacteria to populate and adequately start the conversion of fish waste to fertilizer. So, anything planted before that time, can be considered a sacrifice batch.

I thought it would be good to share with you the current status of the plants now


I planted them in five columns, one for each type, from the left: mint, habag (a type of local basil), tea, basil, and oregano. A general change in all plants is iron deficiency (yellowish leaves), which seem to be a general shortfall of Aquaponics.

I also lost two plants: an oregano plant just withered & died, and a habag plant that I removed, because it had lots of black dots (I thought they might be parasites or tiny little insects I couldn't identify). So, I didn't want to infect the other plants.

Here is a close-up of the habag plant, I appreciate if someone can tell me its English name :)

A close-up of habag

A close-up of habag