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Smartphone cameras, will they replace specialized cameras?

I know this post has nothing to do with food, but it's a constant thought..

The evolution of Smartphone cameras is amazing.. Low noise sensors, very good optics, and advanced image enhancement software. Not only that, you're connected to the net to share images with your friends across different social networks. Most of us don't need to carry a point & shoot camera anymore, unless you have a specific needed feature, like a good wide or telephoto lens.

G9 lens.jpg

But still, the geeky photographer in us wants more... I've been hearing some rant, why can't we have access to the RAW image files from their smartphones? Seriously?  It's true most of us want better images, BUT also, most of us can live without the time spent on post processing..

This made me think of post processing, what's missing to make our lives easier? If there is a way to simplify the post processing part.. Here are some thoughts:

  • Make DNG a standard RAW option on all cameras. Then it will be easier to write post processing software, as we're dealing with a standard file format.
  • Photo editing companies can make camera software, that can be uploaded to our cameras. We simply buy the ones we like.
  • Camera manufacturers can then compete in what they know best, hardware: lenses, camera bodies, sensors, AF techniques, metering techniques, … etc. Just like the days of film.. Film & lab work are separated from cameras and lenses.

What do you think?