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My Walkabout Bag

I've been researching messenger bags, and last year I found the perfect one. It's large enough for a small camera and its accessories, plus, my iPad and the little pits that I like to carry around :)


My daily walkabout bag is a Lowepro Event Messenger 150, containing the following:

  • Fujifilm X100 camera
  • Two extra batteries for the X100
  • Joby GorillaPod Hybrid (Red) 
  • iPad 3 3G-Wifi
  • Apple earbuds
  • Pen (purple pigment ink, as always)
  • Zeiss lens cleaning wipes
  • Low calorie sweetener 
  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  • Glucophage 1g tablets (for my Type 2 diabetes)
  • iCarrier IMP120D - 12000mAh battery, with iPad/iPhone USB cable

And here's a link to the above image on flickr :)